Does indica give you the giggles?

Both Indica and Sativa strains have terpenes. These are the chemicals in the cannabis plant responsible for aroma and flavor profiles.

Does indica give you the giggles?

Both Indica and Sativa strains have terpenes. These are the chemicals in the cannabis plant responsible for aroma and flavor profiles. It's the high chemovars in terpenes that make you laugh. Blue Diesel is an indica-dominant strain that has earned a reputation over the years for being an ideal social smoke.

This fruity cross between Blueberry and NYC Diesel is a force to be reckoned with. Its THC content of up to 23% will leave you and your friends in a fit of giggles. Laughter is a natural reaction that our body makes to stimulate an individual's perception that something is funny. This physical response to laughter is based on images, sounds or physical sensations and many more.

Cannabinoids such as THC found in cannabis plants can reduce negative stimuli in our bodies. Therefore, it results in someone letting loose and laughing easily. Keep reading to understand the reasons why Indica cannabis makes you laugh. Church OG is a total farce.

This is a fantastic option for laughing out of control, often with nothing at all. This indica-dominant strain has a modest THC content of 19 percent and, when smoked in large quantities, can cause drowsiness. It's usually best to postpone this until later in the evening. Both Sativa and Indica strains can cause laughter and lead you down the path of laughter.

However, since Indicas are generally designed to relax and soothe you, they're not usually the ideal strain for laughs. Both Sativa and Indica strains can cause laughs, but naturally, euphoria inducing weed will be the best laughing strain. Some researchers say that strains with certain terpenes, such as limonene and pinene, may also be more effective in inducing laughter. While some Sativas are really energizing and some Indicas are relaxing, there is a lot of variety.

Here are some of the Indica strains you can choose from when you just want to have a good time and laugh with your friends. This strain is believed to have originated from Purple Urkle, which is considered to be one of the most popular Indica strains available. One of the celebrities, 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto is a great Indica-dominant strain with up to 20% THC that produces strong social effects thanks to its talkative, laughing and relaxing high. On the other hand, relaxing Indica relaxes the mind and body, reduces those social inhibitions, and facilitates laughter (and the ability to relax).

Based on anecdotal evidence, people tend to lean towards sativa as the strain that laughs the most, and some users claim that indicas relax them too much to devote themselves to humor. Any 50-50 indica-sativa hybrid is expected to provide that coveted happy medium between couch and cerebral high. Both indica and sativa strains can have very different terpene profiles and do not necessarily fall into their traditional effect categories. Indica and Sativa, photoperiodic and autoflowering, there is a laughing strain that suits all growers and smokers.

Blackberry kush is an Indica known for its purple coloring characteristics, as well as its spicy and fruity flavor. The Kosher Kush strain is a perfect contemporary Indica hybrid that normally contains up to 22 percent THC. Traditionally, the terms “indica” and “sativa” describe two subspecies of cannabis that offer different psychotropic effects. If you're looking for a solid indica that gives you laughs, StarBud is one of the best options you can take.

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