Does indica give you a body buzz?

Indica is more associated with a “buzzing sound at bedtime”, or what we call a body high, which makes you feel relaxed, calm and ready to catch up on sleep. It's a shorter plant with darker, wider leaves, and could be the perfect strain for a relaxing night.

Does indica give you a body buzz?

Indica is more associated with a “buzzing sound at bedtime”, or what we call a body high, which makes you feel relaxed, calm and ready to catch up on sleep. It's a shorter plant with darker, wider leaves, and could be the perfect strain for a relaxing night. Indica-dominant strains are most commonly associated with body highs. A body high is the sensation your body feels after using marijuana.

Many people enjoy the relaxed, sleepy feeling that comes from a body high. The general perception is that Sativa strains primarily produce a cerebral high, whereas Indica strains provide primarily a body high. The literal difference between the two is in terms of classification: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are two of the subspecies of the genus Cannabis. While you've probably heard the term “head held high” before, you might not know what it means.

Basically, it refers to the psychoactive effect that cannabis can have on the brain and mental condition. Normally, even if you participate in a strain that is oriented to both head and body height, you will first feel the effects of a head lift. However, a body high primarily induces physical effects. Indicas, in particular, offer more or a sedative effect.

Also known as “on the couch”, this cannabis strain gives you more body high (rather than a “heady” high) and leaves you more relaxed. Oddly enough, indica strains tend to have a lighter THC concentration than sativas, even though they produce a more “high” sensation. Aury Holtzman, a doctor based in Huntington Beach, California, who specializes in marijuana and has evaluated more than 11,000 patients to determine their medical marijuana needs, and asked her to explain the difference between those glorious head and body highs. To understand why we have different types of highs, we need a superficial understanding of how our bodies position themselves in the first place.

The human body has evolved to include an endocannabinoid system with several neurotransmitters and receptors. It's like a lock and a key, said Dr. Holtzman describes how neurotransmitters, the brain's messenger chemicals, bind to receptors. Some neurotransmitters are thought to regulate specific processes: serotonin for mood, sleep and learning, and dopamine for the brain's reward system.

In 1988, a cannabinoid receptor was discovered in the brain and its peripheries, suggesting that our brain already has a natural neurotransmitter similar to those found in marijuana. This neurotransmitter native to the body is called anandamide and comes from the Sanskrit word that means bliss. Plays a role in the body that affects pain management, depression, appetite, memory and fertility. Holtzman simplifies it by saying: It tends to make people feel good.

Cannabinoids from cannabis plants bind to our natural brain receptors, activating the entire system and raising us. And while it may seem easy to determine your highs by your strains, it has become more difficult over the years, as all strains of weed plants have hybridized. There are very few plants that are pure indica or sativa, said Dr. All of these strains are hybrids, but some give you more indica effects, others more sativa.

So if you smoke an indica and experience a higher high, there's a chance that your strain will be more hybrid than your distributor led you to believe. Generally speaking, highs are all about creativity, finding fun things, or getting into those talking moods. Body highs are relaxing and tingling, perhaps inspiring one of those delicious naps or snuggling up next to someone. These can be found more frequently in marijuana advertised as Indica, but as more crosses lead to hybrids, they can also be found in some Sativa strains.

Botany Farms Sour Special Sauce, for example, is a mild indica that will help you decompress and eliminate stress. While Indica's reputation is that of a sedative that produces a body high, Sativa is said to cause more brain effects, perfect for the day. This isn't always the case for everyone, but Sativas are often associated with mental highs and Indicas with body highs. An indica-dominant variety might be your preferred option if you want to relax and hang out with your friends, but not fall asleep.

The Delta 8 Blueberry Kush Cartridge is also a special indica to get rid, at least temporarily, of all worries. And while some cannabinoids and terpenes can be found more commonly in an indica or a sativa, none are found exclusively in one, consistent enough to say that an indica and a sativa will definitely cause specific effects. Many popular cannabis strains are hybrids of Indica and Sativa; even those considered Indica or Sativa are likely to be hybrids of some kind. Another terpene that is common in strains advertised as indica is linalool, which in addition to being a sedative, is said to help relieve anxiety.

Cannabis sativa is native to warmer climates closer to the equator in areas such as East Asia, while Cannabis indica is more native to areas with colder climates. Current hybrids tend to be indica-dominant or sativa-dominant, which means it's a good idea to decide which direction you're leaning in before buying them. These are generally known as hybrids, but the result is that even many strains that are indica and sativa have a hybrid nature. The deep relaxation-inducing qualities of Indica are a perfect combination for medical marijuana patients suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, insomnia and a host of other conditions.

But again, the effects that these terpenes can provide, while consistent with the assumptions of what an indica or sativa does, that effect is no guarantee of one or the other. As cannabis becomes more popular and support for legalized marijuana becomes more acceptable, the idea of an indica or a sativa has become more confusing. While most people have experienced the two different highs, surprisingly there is very little literature available about them, other than marijuana forums, where contributors are busy educating stalkers what indicates mean on the couch. .


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